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July 15 2013

8486 fdcf
beautiful, sweet, chocolate

Image size: 500x357
6396 8cbd
diet coke, actress, blonde

Image size: 500x667
7562 d8a2
beautiful, gorgeous, hot

Image size: 619x464
4230 e840
beach, beauty, explore

Image size: 400x400
4231 14ec
art, dream, vintage

Image size: 500x333
1901 c5f5
bread, delicious, cheese

Image size: 683x1024
1768 be19
amazing, gorgeous, art

Image size: 480x320
7080 5236
blue, cupcakes, cute

Image size: 500x500

July 14 2013

7081 5ad9
breakfast, coffee, delicious

Image size: 396x576
8881 b39c
club, dancing, party

Image size: 500x333
7084 3439
cafe, chocolat, cofee

Image size: 500x669
2570 ee87
dance, brooke hyland, nia sioux

Image size: 692x435
0879 78dc
delicious, photography, chocolate fountain

Image size: 500x357
4815 de8a
beautiful, warm, pink

Image size: 428x604
4816 fb5d
blue, cute, dr martens

Image size: 500x334
4818 b663
beautiful, cute, vintage

Image size: 500x500
5805 4665
beautiful, gorgeous, lana del rey

Image size: 500x650
0882 3596
cream, food, cute

Image size: 500x335
0885 584f
boy, delicious, hot

Image size: 374x529
2572 0cef
couple, dance

Image size: 862x643
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